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Weapon Ench 3x7% - 1500-75% to 2000-60% with free repair


AuthorWeapon Ench 3x7% - 1500-75% to 2000-60% with free repair
Come in, have a cuppa tea, talk, chat, enjoy music.

Ponder and consider how much damage you can do with 21% more damage and the pride you have when your friends look at your weapon and go "Wow...."

Come get yours today!
here we are again, it's really worth it
Be the first on your block to get an enchantment and a free pass to a repair.

Be touted as the coolest person on your block!

Come get your enchantment today
no waiting time, so what are you waiting for?
Quick, before someone else gets to me first and then you'll have to wait...

I'm open to negotiations, if price is a problem...
Come one, come all...

Get your 3x7% now, before its too late
You never know when the admin actually will implement the next update

Do you want to be caught without an enchantment then?

Come get yours today!!!
closed by Lady Takesister (2009-08-15 20:35:55)
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