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DE faction topic


AuthorDE faction topic
@17, mass rapid needs 28 points actually, advanced off, fury and then rapid.soit can be used at lv 9.
have you tried any of the 2nd circle chaos talents, dominion of fire ice and storm seem pretty good on paper

Yes i have, but i give up after 1-2 battles,

--half armor from fire is not good because a elementall ball kill almost all creature stacks
--stun from lighting the same..few stacks survive after 4-500 damage.

what is the recruitment you are using

Max hydras, max poison, 3 shrews and rest minos or liz your choice.
thanks :)

interesting recruit,
is max hydra, max mino, rest liz, poison, shrew good? minos can act as tank so hero can cast 1-2 more spells :S
@21: Sorry for my mistake.
I checked the talent wheel with adv. off + cold blade + battle fury equiped.
In this case the tooltip says expert off is required.
the talent wheel changed sometime in July ... before you did not need exp off, but now to choose additional talents in the second circle you need to have additional choice in the first circle
Expert Darkness is fun when fighting Monsters :D
lol i went through your battles.

2 questions:
1: does casting confusion on a single troop have any effect?
2: how good will expert darkness be when fighting {3}+ monsters?
1: does casting confusion on a single troop have any effect?
it works :D

2: how good will expert darkness be when fighting {3}+ monsters?
just passed druid-mon {4} earlier, should have tried :(

but i have too much SP and too low KN and ATT :(
I was wondering when Dark Elves shine. Is it in the later game or the early game?
for robert257:
when the get shrews, so level 8 without diamond
but even at lv 6 - 7, they are quite good in pvp ambush as lizard charge is very powerful
Not if you have full art and good tactics like Shrek in .ru
A few questions about DE at level 8

1) Is a might build better then magic build at ambushing?

2) Which recruiting type is better at level 8? Max Shrews and Hydras or Max Hydras and Minos?

3) Which talents are better for a might build (Which I am currently)?
1) Yes of course.
2) In this case we are using might, so Max Shrews and Hydras
3) I can't help you since I havn't played as DE, but I believe Cold blade should be better than fury in most cases because it deals non resisted damage(unless you have enchant or immunity of course), Cold Blade has a much bigger impact on liz and hydra, which are long standing and geat damage dealers.
I don't find cold blade to be very reliable for ambushing.
It's close to useless against two factions: barbs and wizards.

About the elemental damage, some testing have been made in the Q&H forum.
Elemental extra damage IS reduced by defence parameter just like any other extra damage (like offence talent).
ok, then battle fury is a lot better than cold blade ;)

i already used battle fury because it gives better damages to my shrews (my most important unit)
lizards and hydras dies too fast, but shrews tends to survive until the end of fights if you protect them well.

if cold blade was effective against every faction, i would still prefer battle fury.
but it is uneffective against wizards and barbarians like tripplebuze said (enchanted gargoyles are immune to water, barbarians and golems take reduced damages), and it gives us one more reason to take battle fury talent.
i want to ask if my arts(wiz hat, ring of inpsx2, combot staff, def shield, leather boots, harberk, amulet of luck, cape of spirits) is enuf and if i shud change any of them during tiz lvl or after i lvl

i also want to ask wat talent i shud take at lvl 6 mage de
Well Battle fury gives me a base minimum damage increase by 27 (Since I recruit 27 Shrews) and since they usually attack first I think that 27 damage does quite a bit without counting damage for higher attack then defense or anything else.

Another question I have is what kind of tactics should I use while ambushing? I currently just leave lizards and hydras in their respective corners and split my Shrews and Minos into 2 stacks. I then put the shrews far in the other corners and the minos diagonal from the shrews to block them from larger creatures and preventing smaller creatures from attacking within that square. I think it does a good job against larger creatures and with weaker shooters outside the main group.
At your level, i was using rally.
Almost same strat as you, but i recruited 10-12 poisonners (less minos).
All minos in a stack protecting first shrews stack.
poisoners protect second, and one splitted poisoner to take retail.

The poisonners are fairly high in the AI targeting order, thus, if there aren't any large creature to threaten shrews, you can move them in. Most tiny to medium stacks will attack them instead of lizards.
aditionally, their high mobility allows them to disrupt shooters pretty well.
hey I was wondering what I could have done beter in this battle :https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=482124951

He only had two big stacks so there must be a weakness there
anybody got any tips for a level 5 dark elf? finding it hard to do pvp at this level

*this character is my multi*

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