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DE faction topic


AuthorDE faction topic
anybody got any tips for a level 5 dark elf? finding it hard to do pvp at this level

*this character is my multi*


change it to magic DE, it will be easier
lvl 5-6

(i've try it in this account)
what stats / arts will i need for it?
basic ereduction will be the best

lvl 5 so you have 4 point + 1(from basic ereduction)

fill it into
3 spell power and 2 knowledge

so without arts and guild bonus you have

atk 0
def 0
spell 3
know 3

buy maximum arts, or if you don't have so much money, just buy
-wiz caps (+1 spellpower)
-Cape of spirits(+1 spellpower)
-Combat staff(+1 atk, 1 spellpower)

it's minimum for pvp
so you have

atk 1
def 0
spell 6
know 3
(if you play better, in this lvl will get lvl 3 HG + lvl 2 LG, so +3 atk and +1 def)

and you can do 7 magic arrow, each of magic arrow deal 72 damage
so 7 magic arrow = 504 damage!!

for recruiting, just
maximum your liz,minos,and the last for rogues(or assasin it's depending on you)
Hey I m level 5
can anyone say how is my recruitment cause I am thinking of poiseners for lvl 6 is that ok? I want to be a magician DE rather than might DE even in lvl 8 so does mana recovery work ? any suggestions about it{which talent,arts}
if you are going Might DE you just put everything in attack right?
i need help in Theif at lvl 10

with full arts but not the best arts, arts for lvl 9 i win just 50-60% of caravans.Should i use best arts?
my stats are

atk 4
def 8
sp 6
know 3

shud i change anything when i reach lvl 6?
3 knowledge seems too much for me.
2 knowledge allows you to cast 5 magic arrows.
it's generally enough.
and it allows you to have +1 spellpower.

at level6 i suggest you to take potion of oblivion, and -1 knowledge, +2 spell power.
with 8 spell power, your eathern spikes deals 36 damages.
very good to kill druids with 34 HP or stacks of magis with 18 HP.
how much harder is thief at lvl 11 compare to lvl 10?
for vrajitorul:
Only slightly because DE gets the dark witches. But it might be easier if you were to get the lizard assailants.
but if i change to 2 knowledge i can onli use either 5 arrows or 3 arrows 1 spike, if i use 3 knowledge i can use either 7 arrows or 5/6 arrows 1/2 spikes

anyway 8 knowledge gets 40 dmg spike not 36
When I used Mage DE, I used poisoners effectively together with magic

poisoners do ranged dmg plus poison dmg, and when crits get close, they can give a punch and take it too

All that combined can make a very effective Mage DE
i ahve the best think and spell that i want
i want to know wat i MG quests i can do at lvl 5 with a mage de with the above mentioned stats
what is the best level 5 build for a magic DE with max arts
I've tried mage DE, it is very handy and effective too, especially curse+delay spell
mage De should be until u get shrews still u can saty magic but should have some attack
I just reached lvl 7 and I was a bit experimating with elf lately, but will switch back to DE right after I get 1 racial point with elf... I was magic build DE before, but now I'm thinking about switching to might and use leadership and rally talents... How should I spent my points? Cause I switched to elf and used potion of oblivion I currently have all the points spent in offense, except the last still unused one for reaching lvl 7, should I use it in attack also?
Or any good advices (recruiting, tactic...) at lvl 7 would be most welcome also
Thanks in advance!
Put everything on attack ... then use Reprisal Sword, Defender Shield, Amulet of Luck (or Ring of Speed) ...

Talents: morale + rally
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