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Talents: Elf at alevel 7

AuthorTalents: Elf at alevel 7
I need a suggestion from a good player.
I've got 20 talents points and i'm undecided about 4 combinations:
1) Rain of arrows+Basic fortune (I usually use this combination)= 14 pt
2) Basic offense+Battle fury = 20 pt
3) Basic fortune+Advanced fortune = 14pt
4) Basic fortune+Basic leadership = 14pt

Could you help me?
IMO second choice is the BEST ;)we had a lot of discussions about it , just check faction topic ...
i just found it :

https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1840085&page=5 post 110
I see but basic offense is only for melee units and ive got only 36 fks.
Battle fury is useful for all units. Rain of arrows is also useful to kill many enemies stacks...
can you explicate me better or give me the page of the discussion? thank you.
thank you hako :))
I stand by my suggestions there:
1. generally Basic Fortune + Advanced Fortune
2. hunt against magic creatures Basic Leadership + Rally

In addition, against brigands Basic Fortune + Rain of Arrows.

It worked pretty nicely for me, though, I had EFK's, not FK's, but my girlfriend had FK's and she used the same talents and it worked for her as well.

Still, my best advice for the specific case of hunting would be to take a look in Top Hunters at Elf 7.
nice choices

but for slow creaturs try have spirites and battel fury and a hunter set also then you will kill every thing on your way
thank you for these suggesions!

Continue any discussion on the matter on the faction thread that was listed above.
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