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Renting out TGI --- Fantastic Terms!!

AuthorRenting out TGI --- Fantastic Terms!!
I am now renting out a TGI

for just 1 thief art of my choice for 2 weeks
every day after that you pay 3,000 gold

its as simple as that

or you can pay in gold - 3,000 a day
or you can pay with your elements (pm me for details on that)

Level 6 of course
plenty of time to finish TG2 as quickly as possible
a decent labourers guild level
a decent artifact set
a clean transfer log

So yeah it really is that simple

Become a member of the thieves guild today

Pm me for more details :)
You must have a Clean tansfer Log
You must have a good artifact set
You must be an active player and have time to reach TG2 as fast as possible
You must have a good labourers guild level

prepay 25,000 gold
You send me the Thief art you recieve at TG1 and TG2 as soon as you recieve them
You must also return the Thieves Guild invite you recieve at TG2 immediately

I will return one of the artifacts (My choice which one)
You must return the invite within 2 weeks (14 days) or pay 2,500 gold for every day you are over the limit taken out of prepaid gold
If you do not return it within 4 weeks you must pay 400,000 gold to my account or accept to be blocked and i will keep all property

Pm me now to start renting

TGI is currently free
oops post number 2 is meant to say 3,000 gold per day

and when i say TGI is currently free i mean available
you are not allowed to trade any thief arts within the rental period except for those you send to me and thief arts must be full durability and not bought from the market
TGI is now in use but contact me now to go on the waiting list, you can rent as soon as it is returned
also see my profile for another term
TGI will be available soon
just one thief art of my choice and u could be a member of the Thieves guild
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