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TGI For Rent - Good deals, Best bargains


AuthorTGI For Rent - Good deals, Best bargains
TGI available. Interested lords pls drop me a pm :)
I, Barabba75 will be renting a TGI from God5end under Option 1. Both thief arts I earned from thief guild level 1 and level 2 will be sent to God5end. I will send the thief art immediately upon attaining a level in the thief's guild. The TGI will immediately be sent to God5end upon reaching thief guild level 2.

If I return the TGI within 2 weeks, God5end will return me back a theif art of his choice

IF TGI is returned after 2 weeks, God5end keeps both thief arts.

If I fail to do return the TGI withing 1 month, I will either have to pay 400,000 gold plus the option payment and keep the TGI, OR violate rule 3.14 and get your account permanently blocked.
I agree to lend my TGI to Barabba75 based on Option 1.
10-29-09 09:24: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to Barabba75 . Transaction price: 1 Gold

So now, we know why the Empire had to do something about thieves.. She's afraid of you! Show them who's king of the hill, raid her caravans silly!
Bump. All TGIs leased. Book now to prevent disappointment.
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