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Which Tier 5 Upgrade Do You Want In Your Army?


AuthorWhich Tier 5 Upgrade Do You Want In Your Army?
and nightmares are gonna be awsome because they can gate 2 so even more for demons
Believe it or not, in HoMM5, the Archlich is considered the most powerful tier-5 creature

What do I care if its the strongest in HoMM5 I need it to be strong here lol oO!!

No necro does even raise anymore at lvl 14,a shot will hardly happen in a Group -_-
thumbs down for thunderbird:(
thumbs up for deep hydra:)
nightmares my choice=)and BTW rocs not really bad=)good transport+ lightning strike=)

Coming from a background of playing every game in the HoMM series, as well as the M&M series that spawned it, I'd love to agree with you on the ArchLiche, but the truth of the matter is that while LoWM echoes HoMM, it is quite different. Thunderbirds were also quite good in HoMM, but seem a bit underwhelming here. That's not to say that the implementation here is bad, it's just different and not easily compared to HoMM.

I chose a Necro here because it was one of my favorites in HoMM, only to find that it's much more challenging to play one in LoWM. Raising was viable from beginning to end in HoMM, but as noted by #42, it becomes less and less useful here as you reach higher levels.

Also, the lack of any method of reducing morale or causing fear (a mainstay of the HoMM Necro) requires an entirely different playstyle. It would be almost impossible to find a Necro in HoMM that didn't grab Offense as a top priority, yet it isn't available to Necro's in LoWM at all. Again, similar themes, but a very different game in the final implementation.

To the original question, the Nightmare would be my unit of choice. Necro's could sure benefit from a very fast unit, especially if it came with Aura of Fear.

In HOMM, Deep Hydras were able to resurrect themselves with regeneration :) I dunno how it works though in HeroesWM.

Well yeah, Nightmare is crazy, but i don't know, why r u all laughing at poor thunderbirds :( They are so sweet :P And that 9 speed... Yes, it has low defense, but who cares? 20 atk makes up for it. It can deal huge damage before vanishing. And those thunderbolts...
The Thunderbird is a glass cannon. Hopefully it has the normal barb thing of having lots of them so that it can do a really impressive alpha strike before it dies.
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