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Which Tier 5 Upgrade Do You Want In Your Army?


AuthorWhich Tier 5 Upgrade Do You Want In Your Army?
unicorn unicorn unicorn!!!!
Well my favouraites are:

Worst upgrade:
Tier 5 creatures have been on .ru for quite some time I think. Too bad there aren't any alternate upgrades from HoMM5 ToE expansion aviable. Lichmasters would be so awesome for necro with their raise undead spell. But I'll be content with the regular upgrade too.

Still best one is nightmare. Great initiative which nightmares and shrews have is what makes demons and DE so successful in PvP. Inquisitor looks pretty good too.
inqusitors ftw lol
senior genie would be cool i think
im waiting inquisitors
they are my wish for this Chrismtas :)))
1. Inquisitor
They Are the most balanced unit being able to shoot or hit without penalty. And now they can cast holy spells!

2. Nightmare
They are truly fast and scary animals with fear and aura of terror.

Although quite weak, they are very fast and with a chance to deal extra damage.

4. Deep hydra
Quite slow, but very powerful with it's no retaliation and ability to attack many squares at one time.

A good shooter able to attack many living creatures in one shot, darkness spells also make them more powerful.

6.Silver unicorn
A pretty boring creature but blinding can be quite interesting.

7. Senior genie
Pretty boring caster but now can cast holy spells.
1. Nightmares
2. Silver Unicorns
3. Deep Hydras
Deep hydra/nighties/bird
for Jedi-Knight:
Six-Headed Attack - The Hydra can already attack '6 tiles around itself depending on the direction of attack' (so basically only 1 spot is safe), so not sure what a 6-headed attack does, except include that 1 blind spot...
emm, it's rather useful to know, how will hydra hit [for withdrawal retaliation with least damage from it], so, there are 6 safe spots ;D
for dedengkot:
Six headed attack - dont really know about this. isnt same as EFK's special ability?
yep, but battledancing hydra sounds pretty stupid ;D
for AvatarXL:
Deep hydra has only 6 heads (:

3 heads - 6 tiles
6 heads - all around!
yep, but battledancing hydra sounds pretty stupid ;D
but funny :p
for Straws:
6 tilesin a row ;D
does anyone know what Regeneration is??
Seems like they regenerate Hp at the start of their turn.

1. Deep Hydra - totally op
2. Nightmare - hellish :)
3. Iquisitors - Hard to beat in large amounts

the worst one is the bird, still cannon fodder
for MrNiceGuy:
Regeneration - stack regens hp. formula:
HP = random (3, 5) * min (10, N), where N number creatures in stack.
as i remember, u can't ressurect units in stack with regenereation, only regen last unit in stack, even if his (maxHP-currentHP)=1.

2 creatures in demons' pocket with 8 speed
coupled with fast init unit and richochet shoot from mistress
I think that nightmare is the best upgrade of all actually..they are the perfect anti-shrew melee weapon,and they gate xD

The worst is archlich...like always necros get the worst -_-
maybe this is a sign that we are about to get updates
Believe it or not, in HoMM5, the Archlich is considered the most powerful tier-5 creature. But then, magic is relevant at high level in that game, and being undead makes it immune to a lot of powerful dark magic spells and easy to raise (the Raise Dead spell for undead is a lot cheaper than the Resurrection spell for living creatures), so those factors can account for some of its worth. Still, it does the more damage than any tier-5 creature, not to mention plague shot, and its spells are nothing to laugh at. I would say it's far from being the worst.
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