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Which Tier 5 Upgrade Do You Want In Your Army?


AuthorWhich Tier 5 Upgrade Do You Want In Your Army?
Note: The ( ) besides the stats are the original tier 5 creatures' stats. :)
Including description of abilities will help to determine which one are good or not so good.
1.Nightmare (Demon)- the best tier 5 attacker (crazy initiative,speed = 8, Fear Attack and Aura of Terror).
Inquisitors (Knight)- superior defence,HP and most important-ability to cast holy magic spells.

2.Worst imho -Thunderbird (Barb)
what's thunderbolt?
before i post u most explain the effect that is not exist in the english server like aura of terror and what they do
what's thunderbolt?
sometimes when Thunderbird attacks thunderbolt triggers(deals extra damage)
Including description of abilities will help to determine which one are good or not so good.

Well, unfortunately, whoever sent that to me didn't include the decription of the abilities, so if anyone kind enough to fill in the blanks would be good. :)

Thunderbolt -

Regeneration -

Aura of Terror -

Blinding -

Six-Headed Attack - The Hydra can already attack '6 tiles around itself depending on the direction of attack' (so basically only 1 spot is safe), so not sure what a 6-headed attack does, except include that 1 blind spot...
Six-Headed Attack - The Hydra can already attack '6 tiles around itself depending on the direction of attack' (so basically only 1 spot is safe), so not sure what a 6-headed attack does, except include that 1 blind spot...
Deep Hydra got 8 heads :)
in close combat deep hydra ive seen what they could do in HOMM 5
Thunderbird: WORST
Abilities, defence and hp horrible. A throw-away transporter?
Speed 9 nice

Low speed but
Really good hp and abilities, The Incredible Tank

Susceptible to curse but
Crazy speed and decent abilities, Shrew The return but better

Low speed
I love blinding... Its going to be great to be undead wohoo

defensive unit
Holy magic gonna make archers rock, The tactical booster

Big fat large creature + low hp + low initiative = Primary target also becasue of really nice damage boost.
I dont think this unit goign to shoot more than once (if lucky). lol dont even think of using magic... The Nuker with a BIG bull-head printed on.

Low hp weak attack weak defence
A stay-behind, cast magic and protect creature... The Amazing Supporter
Aura of Terror-there is a chanse that enemy units located near Nightmare "wait in fear"
Blinding -after Silver Unicorn attack enemy unit might "Blind" (just freezes until someone attacks it again)
most of those abilities come from HoMM5, so i'll give description based on my knowledge there. CMIIW n.n

Thunderbolt - chance to cast lightning on target after attacking (based on HoMM3)
Regeneration - heal itself for some HP on the beginnging of its turn
Aura of Terror - enemy around the horse get -1 to morale
Blinding - chance to cast 'blind' (lvl4 Dark Magic) on target after attacking
Six headed attack - dont really know about this. isnt same as EFK's special ability?
Thunderbird -> Lame. Def 10? HP 65? Kamikaze attack, die, end of story.

Deep Hydra -> Tank. 56% more HP than the basic version, which wasn't weak to begin with, and regeneration to boot. Now, with speed 5 and ini 7, the problems plaguing Hydra remain. Too easy to block, usually entering the fray when battle is over. Meh.

Nightmare -> Excellent. the right Speed 8 allowing to strike immediately, max ini in the game (par with Shrews), aura of terror making gating even more useful (since aura has an effect even though the gated unit had not its first turn). Really good.

Silver Unicorn -> Another good improvement over the so-so Unicorn. Good increase in Att and Def, 35% more HP, and a blinding attack that may turn a defeat into victory, if you are lucky... But Elves usually are.

Inquisitors -> Another tank, with the usual insane HP upgrade of Knight units (48% more here). Decent Att and Def increase, more interesting because of Caster abilities, interesting because they are faster than Crossbowmen for example. Opens plenty of possibilities, shine in group battles.

Archlich - Big bad shooter becomes caster. More damage, but as usual unlikely to shoot twice in any battle - too big, too hard to hide. At least now Archlich can cast spells when enemy is nearby instead of attacking melee and doing half damage... Darkness spells are a good selection, but Archlichs will continue to be as overestimated as Liches currently are.

Senior Genie - Wizards' bad jokes are here again. More damage, weak attack and not too many HP. Still random casters, which is quite annoying (interesting how ALL other factions manage to choose their spells except Wizards' genies!!) Holy is interesting in case of group battles, otherwise I wouldn't count on it. Meh.

So, winners are:
1. Nightmare
2. Inquisitors
3. Silver Unicorns
In my humble opinion.
I almost totally agree with Kotrin .. except I would put Deep Hydras as 3rd ...
sure they are slow and big ... but in thieving and some mercenary quests can be devastating ... only good thing of Unicorns is this blinding thing ... but not sure is so great ...

Nightmare is really nightmare now!!!
the best is the
1_night mare
2- silver unicorn
3-Deep Hydra very srong but not fast
Hiddenshadow's review on T5 creatures.

Roc: 3/5 Nothing special except has the right ini to transport ogres, enabling them to reach enemy defence on their 1st turn[!]
Thunderbird: 3/5(as compared to other T5+'s) Seems completely useless? You are all wrong. They are excellent in hunting shooters. Able to block shooters the first turn, not to mention without the help of tactics, enabling more talent points for extra damage. Nothing special in PvP.

Hydra: 3.5/5 The cheat, always the cheat, in any types of battles. Just too OPed. On the other hand, a relief to other factions, since the TG map are expanded to 18x18, they are not a potential threat anymore with their low speed. Cheers!
Deep Hydra: 4/5 Altimate weapon of attack, and defence. No comments, but "big cheat"(copyright: Arctic). Poke, as said about hydras, not a potential threat anymore in hunts, but try to take 16 of them down in PvP, Mada Mada Dane(you still have to work harder).

Hellhorse: 3.5/5 Very nice creatures, awesome abilities, they are always the demons' triumph card. Needs more HP in PvP.
Nightmare: 4/5 Awesome boosts, +5 atk/def, 8 speed, 66HP[!] with a new AoE ability, AWExOME!

Unicorn: 1.5/5 Ehh.. how should I put this.. Totally meaningless in all battles except duels. No one would hold their unicorn home just to give GMB 30% magic proof. By that time your opponents would have totaly crushed other allies, and by the time EFK reaches the frontline, there is nothing to battledance on.
Silver Unicorn: 2/5 Blinding is awesome, but still they are pretty useless overall.

Monks: 4/5 Secondary shooter to support X bows. Good defence for protection.
Inquistor: 4.5/5 Definately the best upgrade. 80HP[!!!!!]+holy spells.. DEs are jealous. Best tank in game.

Lich: 2.5/5 Good shooter and protector. Although they usually acts as protector more often. Obviously lack speed and initiative.
Arch Lich: 4/5 GGG Rate upgrade! One of the best upgrades. Nice spells, lots of damage. Now it will be useless to block them! Although it would probably be nice to go for the defensive way, as necros are clearly better defenders, not only in hunts, but also in PvP.

Genie: 2/5 Lack HP, lack damage, lack initiative to be effecient. Dark magic is awesome when you get the right spell. Kinda average. Good recruit count later on. (Although DEs have many hydras too <---- Big cheat!)
Senior Genie: 3/5 Great, now we can use holy magic on ally creatures, 8 speed is nice to have, although pretty much useless in most PvPs and hunts. Good improvement on damage. Still lack HP to be an effecient attacker and defender.
i wud like to have senior genie and silver unis
I'm lovin the inquisitors. Apart from the HUGE upgrade in HP, they get the ability to cast spells like bless, rapid, and stoneskin! I cant wait till they get introduced!
Nightmares! :)))
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