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Leasing my TGI to darkmathijs

AuthorLeasing my TGI to darkmathijs
I am leasing my personal TGI to darkmathijs under these terms

Option 1 - 1 thief art my choice

You send me the Thief artifacts you receive at TG1 and TG2 as soon as you receive them
You must also return the Thieves Guild invite you receive at TG2 immediately

I will return one of the artifacts (My choice which one) When the TGI and both thief arts have been sent to me
You must return the invite within 2 weeks (14 days [partial days count as whole days]) or pay 3,000 for every day you are over the limit

You must return TGI as soon as possible
If you do not return it within 4 weeks you must pay 500,000 gold to my account or accept to be blocked and I will keep all property

The Thief arts must be the ones you receive from the Thieves guild (Not from the market!!!) and must be full durability (60/60)
you must return the TGI
You must return TGI within 4 weeks or you must pay me 500,000 gold or risk having your account blocked
You must send me the thief arts you receive from the guild as soon as you receive them
You are not allowed to trade thief arts with anybody except me during the rental period
you are not allowed to transfer the TGI to anyone except for me when you return it at TG2
You are not allowed to play roulette during the Rental period
You must abide by the game rules during the rental period (you should abide by the rules all the time anyway)


Time officially starts when you accept the TGI
Time officially ends when I recieve the TGI
You must do every ambush wearing a full set of artifacts
You must focus on thieving as opposed to hunting or other battle formats during the rental period
You must do approximately 15 20 successful ambushes per day if not more

Do you accept all these terms?
i do accept
I will send the TGI now and the timer officially starts when you accept it
10-24-09 07:44 Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to darkmathijs . Transaction price: 1 Gold

Good luck thieving
closed by Elven_Lord (2009-10-24 11:47:49)
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