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Suppy/Demand/Pricing Artifacts - Market Turmoil

AuthorSuppy/Demand/Pricing Artifacts - Market Turmoil
The chaos that has been raging in the market due to the new updates , how long will it , or can it go on ?

Prices have been rising two to three folds , a thief mask which was available for 12k just a few weeks before has raised to 30 k o.O ?

If this goes on , then a major economic crach may become inevitable , with all the gold flowing out in houses . Prices will have to fall sooner or later due to decrease in potentiol customers !
you can simply save ur gold and avoid the house.
Your gold will be more valuable.
for GardenCity:
We can get less of the same arts for the same amount of gold . Everything has beem rising but this is too mcuh .

And our source of income , enrolling , remains same !
Last time I checked shop arts cost the same. Thief set is hardly a 'must have' :)
For shebali:
the shop arts are same , but we are all humans and want to be superior ;p. We all feel the urge to get that enchanted sword or the thief amulet , dont we ?
And with the increased map size , thief set is soon going to be a 'must have' ;)
but we are all humans and want to be superior

trust me - part from thief ammy and dagger - rest of thief set is not "must have" once you go at lvl 10... too weak stats...
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