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whats left?

Authorwhats left?
Eventually you ll meet a point where all hunts, mercernary quests and ambushes are impossible to defeat. With the new rule for the laborers guild and enchanters guild...what is left?
The gamblers guild, where you need at least 800 victorys to see any kind of a reward, and the smiths guild that costs tons of gold.
So in the end everyone is forced to PvP.....

Ofcourse, you can try again and again and maybe defeat one more hunt, but the next one will have 30% more units so even more impossible.
Trying a new faction?
Good luck, no victories = no fsp, no fsp = lots of frustration and weak units.
If you have a hunt, and you kill all but 1 health from the last monster, you get LESS then 0,10 fsp*.

So what can you do when you reach that point? ;
- Wait until a new faction is introduced
- Wait until new monsters appear in hunts/mercernary quests
- wait until its halloween or newyear (special event for a few days)
- wait until the next tournament

In the past we had halves and 1/3rds in hunts. We had a 2 hour time limit for mercernary quests. We could enroll forever without a penalty, we had much cheaper enhancements.
And the ambush map wasnt so big as it is now.

For example, there are ~100 different creatures that we can kill for a hunt. Hunters guild 10 requires 6000 points.
Each victory gives 1 HG, so we need to beat each monster 60 times on average.
Lets say they appear with 20 of them in the first hunt.
Then after 60 hunts, they come with 105.605.803
(since their amount increases with 30% each time)
So you think you can ever beat 105,6 million goblins, even with someone that is assisting you......

Same for mercernary quests, maybe you can defeat Dark Elf invaders {25} with full arts and super enchancements and some luck. But then you will fail at Dark Elf invaders {26}
Eventually you ll meet a point when you cant win a single battle anymore except PvP.
For some people it will be sooner than others, depending on the artifacts and the strategy they use...
But what are you gonna do when you are there?

* =for the people that dont believe me;
Hi Sven91,

You're a level 9 player, there's still room for improvement, huh? ^_^

But there's something you seem to have forgotten: Ambushes!

You can do ambushes FOREVER if you are a thief!

It's the only game feature where enemy can actually get weaker (if you lose a battle). Caravans get stronger if you win, weaker if you lose. So, in the end you'll win on average once every three times against a caravan - even with min AP.

Not great perhaps, but you can do this forever! ^_^
Wow that battle sucks. If you ran behind the rock you might have gotten one more shot, but it depends what the speed would be.
what is left? the door)))
About the topic now...Things are really getting harder and harder and I don't agree with all the new upgrades.For some a particular update might be good for some other bad,it depends.In my opinion, at a point you'll get bored and probably leave the game, as many players have already done, but until you reach that point you should enjoy the game as much as you can.That's why updates exist...to make things like this game interesting:)
If you ran behind the rock
their speed was 7, so it wasnt possible. But thats not the point of this topic =)

You're a level 9 player, there's still room for improvement
Most of the time I plan ahead, what am I going to do next, what if.. etc etc.
I know it will take a (long) time before I reach that point
But assuming I dont quit this wonderful game, eventually I will reach that point.
their speed was 7, so it wasnt possible. But thats not the point of this topic =)
But was it 7 when the last giant stack first blocked your crossbows?
If you have a hunt, and you kill all but 1 health from the last monster, you get LESS then 0,10 fsp*.

If you have red hunt and you kill all but 1 health from the last monster you will get 0.5 fsp exactly. I had shitloads of lost hunts that i barely lost at level 12 - all was 0.5fsp and 1800xp ( you get 150xp/combat level maximum on a loss ).
I think you should level up, than you can win the hunts you can't win now. Of course it's hard to level up without exp from PvP. Why don't you like PvP battles? They are goal for me, for me it's the biggest fun to fight against human opponents. Creatures in hunts are programmed and since they play still the same system, it gets boring.
After you level up to 14, I am sure there will be level 15 and higher levels introduced. If you were lvl 14 now, I would understand your complain, but at level 9 I think you shouldn't bother with that.
I agree with jrf, but I do have to say playing people with full arts just so they know they'll win is annoying as hell.
I agree, most interesting are full arted battles with similar levels.
Why don't you like PvP battles?
I love PvE. Thats why I am so addicted to this browsergame.
And PvP is like watching idols, you like it or you don't.
Well ok you have great amount of time to do PvE and do enjoy it and meanwhile do reconsider your decision of pvping I also don't prefer to do pvp now but after lvl 10 I would be a PvP maniac.
Like Kotrin said - you can do ambushes forever.
And thief hunting is pretty close to PvM in nature, and can be just as fun ;P
You cannot hunt thieves very much at high levels. Just not enough thieves to catch. It could go for hours.
^^ Ambush or GB if you love fighting or becoming temporary dealer/merchant if you like trading, while waiting new event.
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