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Ore Pit exhausted?

AuthorOre Pit exhausted?
I'm very surprised to see that Ore Pit wage from Great Capital was down to 150.


Not that it was so great to begin with (169 or something) but I wonder if we'll see more wage reductions like this one across the board? And why the reduction? Overstock?
Do that to YL's sulphur dune too. :D
Hmm.. that's way below the average wage throughout the Empire.

Typo by admin? Or..?
I hope there won't be more reductions like this. =|
As for reason for this one in particular - maybe it's another way to convince people to travel to other areas?
https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1869832 ;
I doubt so, there are 5 facilities with 70 000+ stock and one (sulfur) with 95 000+ stock. And they only reduced the wage in this one.
maybe they should try to come up with more uses for sulphur. that way there will be greater economic balance and less oversupply.
never heard of this mine till now but the question remains, why the reduction?

in the same time, the mercury price in YL has been raisen to 369 from 366.

conclusion: councilman warlord of finance Arabat Flamesoul the Fourth was trying to hide it so far but the signs of a rising inflation are everywhere in the empire.

*workers' syndicate in GC and some mercury middlemen from YL are out on strike!!!*
lol wonder what else government is hiding from us =)
Mayb admin try to disattract player entroll at GC's ore mine. So all new player can complete their tutorial....
what tutorial?
I'm guessing it's a test for the admins to adjust the facility economy. The mines in GC are always out of gold.

mercury price in YL has been raisen to 369 from 366
This facility always has gold.
what tutorial?

All new player have a men teach u how to play this game right?
He will teach u how to entroll and normally he will ask u entroll at ore pit... if the mine dont have gold, how do new comer complete (learn) it?
I noticed this yesterday....

And someone bought up a valid point to me, also yesterday...

Where are the new production facilities promised to us in the grand update?

Let the conspiracy begin! :P
Where are the new production facilities promised to us in the grand update?
In the hands of the dwarves we need to defeat first of course. :)
i thiknk this is from the grand update
I thought a lot about this and a plausible explanation came to my mind:

Leaving a free spot in Great Capital so newcomers can enroll.

Imagine: when you first register to the game, you are taught to enroll on the map to give gold to your hero. Then you head to the map and... All facilities are grayed out for mysterious reasons in the "Great Capital" area you are in. You don't know how to travel over the map, perhaps it's risky? And in the end you pass on enrolling...

Putting a low-wage mine in GC leaves room for newcomers. No decent level player will ever find some work here - better travel to another map region. But complete new players are unaware of this all and will at least find a spot to earn their first gold coins. ^_^

Don't you think? Perhaps my guess is right or perhaps it's not, but a lil' more communication would have surely helped!
Perhaps my guess is right
You paraphrased post 9 ...
Great minds...

And poor readers too ^_^
I just checked a few of the players enrolled and found that it's not only newcomers. Many of the players are level 5 and above. I even found a level 8. :)
[Post deleted by moderator Pang // ]
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