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A Question About Independance

AuthorA Question About Independance
look at the beginning of this battle:
I was AFK my first 2 turns, and just those 2 waits caused "independance" for atleast 10 turns.

Now, look at the necromancer and other barbarian.
They both waited several turns in a row, but never got the "independance".

Why is this?

P.S. I wasn't drinking any ale.
- If a player does not fight continuously, the troops begin to act independently. In order to reduce the probability of troops' waywardness or to regain control over independent ones, it is necessary to undertake military actions against an enemy, i.e. attack, cast spells etc.
i suspect that it was because you were afk, while they chose to wait. i can't tell from the replay and someone would have to confirm if this was the case.
Actually it doesnt matter if you wait or just move. Any action that doesnt cast spell or attack an opponent is considered and may cause independence.
I hope that's only in Tournaments. :/
Yes of course it works this way only at tournament battles.
for Zephyranna:
Yup, only in tournaments where they say it applies.

Though it IS a good way to stop AFK-ness in a GB or a hunt assist...
Though it IS a good way to stop AFK-ness in a GB or a hunt assist...
To add and avoid any confusion: It would be a good way. But right now, it doesnt work anywhere else except blindfold tournament battles and after drinking ale.
Also to mention ale does give you 10% chance to act this way but at tournament it is connected to "not taking offensive action."
to return to the question: i believe SlayerOf Noobs understands the independence rule in the tournament, but is there a specific reason why others who also did not take offensive action did not lose control?

i suggested that the difference was that he was afk (timed-out wait) while the others pressed wait.

it could of course just be that SlayerOfNoobs was very unlucky. the announcements never mentioned how many turns it takes to increase the chances of waywardness and by how much.
Look hear:

I just walked back and forth for probably almost 20 turns.
Why didn't it happen there?
According to my information waiting and being afk should work the same way.

One fact I know of is that the independence is random. So it can happen in one case and might not happen in another similar one.

But I dont know for sure if every stack has its own "no offensive action counter" or it counts turns for all creatures and after significant number raises some % of chance to act independent.

You might want to go through these fights and write down non-offensive action numbers for each of your stacks before it started happening.
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