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"Complaints and applications - Finance and others"

Author"Complaints and applications - Finance and others"
So, does anything ever happen to all the reported instances in the above thread. Or is player-reporting a waste of time?

What's your experience?
Be patient. All that you report will be dealt with in time. Enjoy the game.
You posted 6 minuets ago and your already complaining that no one has dealt with it yet?
no this question was not due to my recent post! It was after the observation that none of all the previous reported cheaters has been dealt with!

I do enjoy the game! :) and hope for justice soon...
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Queries and help".
Cheaters are being dealt with. But it seems to me there are being dealt with without locking the C&A topics. Maybe admins have found another way to process this.
I posted a thread a week or so ago that had a ton of cheaters in a big financial assist ring in it, and they all got blocked. The thread hasn't been locked, though.
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