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Armor Enchants

AuthorArmor Enchants
How many elements do I need to make a 10% ignore attack ench on my armor??

I dont new list of elements needed for armor enchants anywhere..so can anyone help me by adding a complete list here or giving me the link?

Thx in advance :)
All 3 enchanters' guild branches follow this rule found on the announcement:

You will need 9 sets of elements for D5 which provides 10% decrease attack enchantment.
I'm pretty sure that the Reduce Damage enchants follow a 1:1 ratio unlike the 2:1 for elemental enchants?

In that case you'll need 30 of moonstone+abrasive to get the D10 enchant
Ah, my bad. :(
Yes, you need D10 for 10%.
D10 need 30 Moonstone + 30 Abrassive and 60 hours to work
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