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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
Everyone the ufo will take over lords
to Hewrin:
we can take cells too:D...with the circumstance not to get caught:P
to Hewrin:
we can take cells too:D...with the circumstance not to get caught:P

for Hewrin:
loser! :P
*lights up a fire*
*takes a blanket*
*makes smoke signs*
*waiting for reply*
*takes a stick*
*carves on it for an hour*
*plays the flute all night*
*starts hitting lik with stick until afternoon*
*after watching Dolla attacking lik's clone he grabs asword and kills Dolla*
*helps cooking dollas body*
*Malz watches lik and Lethos92 cook his alts clone while him and Dolla kill them both with a sword and kill all of their clones*

*Both of them start laughing and evil laugh*
*then Malz and Donna realise that they were sleeping while lik and lethos captured them and burned them alive........ with a lot of love*
*Dragonsfire blinks stupidly for a while before grunting 'whoa' and walking away*
*he accidently falls onto Donna's expertly carved stick*
*lik enjoys an extra meal but doesn't like the taste of deodorant*
for lik:

I already kill you!!!!Yoiu can't kill me!!!!!
the roof z ruuf z roof
is on fire
for Malz:
in you dreams
now dragonsfire's clone (number 13 to be exact) has taken the place of his devoured master and put funnels in his ears to improve his hearing so that lik does not sneak up on him.

all lords are in danger unless they join sides with lik. (but aparently my dumb dragonsfire13 clone doesn't realize that)

from, the restless ghost of dragonsfire
for DragonsFire13:
nihgt guys
lol soo much happened when i was busy heh lucky i wasnt involved =)
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