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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
nice one Lethos92!

Flood me help!
Flood me help!
Flood me help!
Flood me help!

some wise words:

If your head Is wax, do not walk in the sun.
Tourists and fish stink after three days.
There are lazy minds and lazy bodies.
When the well is dry, we will know the worth of water
Love can blind you and also get you beheaded.
Lordswm is a place where only the ever so careful can escape QA's punishment. (darn I just got banned)
that last one wasnt even funny
all i know is that hulk hogan is a twerp!!
all i know is I have to level up to use that shiny ruby gladious :S
all I know is that I don't know.......but what exactly is the thing i don't know?
I know what i know,
I don't know what you know...
I know what you don't.......
*sigh* I know
Really slow going now.. Isn't it? ;)
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