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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
You notice traces leading to a camp of Bandits (929), it doesn't take a genius to understand that they possess 120 gold 1 wood
one of the legendary flooders Nahdont..

=D, ya tourney, is it even possible to destroy 10 rangers and 8 frenzied griff with only 20fk?
im gonna lvl up on next battle in tourney =P
that's good :)
but i got no arts xD, uh oh...
Omg, delete! Delete!Delete!Delete!Delete!Delete!Delete!Delete!Delete!Delete!
great!!,,,, ur way to K&Q is near!!
what is this!/?
dont know ! i saw it id mercenaries guils
How did that nahdont post ever escape the censors? --"
dunno, maybe he had influences with the high-ups =P
hi guys
happy happy :)
me 2 =D, almost lvl 5 =D
2 me lvl 5 is the greatest as an elf :)
to me, being a noob is the key to success to being a pro! well, I know for sure, that's for demons..=\
y does the game have to be harsh to me T.T
Combat level: 4 (32266) +-266
GAHHHHH!!!! :'(
now i have to w8 for a hunt...
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