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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
should i take to u to the hospital?
i see u crazy :o
i may be crazy coz im so happy !! coz i got felicitations so im gna get my PS3 which i should hav had last year !!!!!!!!


and i got great sexy full artz :P
I WANT A DE ACCOUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT EROSHIK !!! AND I WANT SHREWS IN LVL 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
but people hav to pay back my loanz heheheheheh :D
What do you think guys?Buying enchanted is good?
its grt :D
Bought enchanted gargs....BACK TO ENROLLING to get 400k again!
I miss having 400k :((
i want a multi.
but i cant make anymore multi.. :(
I want 300k back :(
i want a DE with shews and some gold :P
I want 300k back!!!!!!!
sooooooooo happpppppppppyyyyyyyyyy
god make me win roulette
I want gold!!
gl u 2
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