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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
Oh, you guys know that we are only missing 840 posts minus mine before reaching 20k posts.

Thats SICK ! :D

Noo :(

Got a GH instead of BB artifact.
the lord has come down and praised us with glorious updates!!!!!

so happy i can't believe it PAARTY!!!
for Straws:

Sorry mate, but the BB are Back-Order :D
joy joy joy joy joy joyjoy joy joyjoy
cmon guys come online and join me, i feel so alone
... i'm so happy
damn they got labourous guild down as well
well be on next time because i'll be so happy still by then
Gremlin wreckers AeeD [Barbarian] [8] - 30
#279filowarrior [Barbarian] [8] - 30

haha record yay!
yep yep
im bak yal !!!
finally someones on
lol lets make a DS page :P
like updates unless you saw them already
Fried fish in Thai sauce served with some spaghetti!
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