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Necro barb conspirator

AuthorNecro barb conspirator
Looking for battle links of necro,barb conspirator quests of {5} and above~

Thanks in advance.
maybe isnt played yet, i have for example max. wizard,barb consp. 4, so your combination isnt maybe discovered yet
for gurumao:
I only got up to necro,barb conspirator quests {4} so far. You you need it to be Com or can it be Ru? I can dig up on that side.
Any link will do, just want to confirm is the number of wave stay 8 all the time. I reviewed till {4} from random logs :)
From ru:
Necro,barb conspirator quests {7}

Necro,barb conspirator quests {6}

Necro,barb conspirator quests {5}
I think the amount of waves is random, for example; it might be possible that {0} got more (but smaller) waves than {1}
yea,i think so.

i was fight that to but not to highest than you all.

This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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