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Why arent I able to forge tripple mini-arts,I saw wizzs with lower lvl than me and with lower wizz faction that have tripple mini-arts,It doesnt make any sense to me!?

Any help is apreciated..
Triple minis got based on combat level after update.
You are stuck in double minis until combat level 10
If it is not 10 and it is 9 please someone correct me.
it's level 9
Faction level now only affects the quality.
TimeWaster is correct. Triple mini-arts is now combat level 9.
neither before, nor after the update you could have seen wizards
with lower lvl than me and with lower wizz faction

having triple mini arts.

Lower combat level or lower faction level maybe, but both is impossible. Faction level was 7 for triple before update, and now it is irrelevant, only combat level is taken into consideration (but you do get better miniarts the higher you get in FSP)
and what is the combat lvl for double mini arts?
or it is still the sp lvl?
for blazingarpit:
For double mini arts it is combat level 5.
Any help is apreciated..

Chopped but free minis after update:

Wizard faction levels:
Level 0: 1 Att, 1 Def, 1 Ini.
Level 1: 1 Att, 2 Def, 2 Ini, 1 HP.
Level 2: 2 Att, 3 Def, 3 Ini, 1 HP
Level 3: 2 Att, 3 Def, 4 Ini, 2 HP, 1 Morale
Level 4: 3 Att, 4 Def, 5 Ini, 2 HP, 1 Morale, 1 Speed
Level 5: 4 Att, 4 Def, 6 Ini, 3 HP, 1 Morale, 1 Speed
Level 6: 5 Att, 5 Def, 7 Ini, 3 HP, 1 Morale, 1 Speed
Level 7: 6 Att, 6 Def, 8 Ini, 4 HP, 2 Morale, 1 Speed
Level 8: 6 Att, 6 Def, 9 Ini, 4 HP, 2 Morale, 2 Speed
Level 9: 7 Att, 7 Def, 10 Ini,5 HP, 2 Morale, 2 Speed
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