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the strategy of thieving

Authorthe strategy of thieving
So for those of us who are thieves! Lets talk about how the new map benefits and or doesn't benefit us. How we have over come the new change to the bigger map. And any other strategies.

Also post favorite wins you have ever had.

Here I am as a wizard beating a barbarian caravan and necromancer caravan after two motnhs of losing caravans straight!
Hmm fav wins : I have : https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=484844823

Against Imps , I did the best movements ever on my life .. :)
there are really thievings i enjoyed, here are few vs player:

I am still losing mamy of my ambushes e.g. losing against demons 6 in a row before finally winning one.

The cost in artifacts is horrendous. I am also a little bitter about not getting a Level 2 Thief Invitation. I had upcoming assignments and final exams when the mid November warning was given.

My favourite ambush was one I actually lost, but I came close to pulling off an "impossible" victory. Here it is here, and it is worth watching.


2VS1 ambushes on huge map:

ambush against necro caravan, way too easy with new map (with old map i always lost when they had stacks of 30-40 vamps, here i killed a stack of 97 and i could have killed a lot more)

and my favorite one for the end:
This is one that I'm proud of. I beat a full arts elf on the old map. We were both level 10.

The situation turns worse for knights. Even harder to get fsp.
For the old map, wiz should be the worst faction for thieving.
I completed a lot of easy hunting and MG for wiz then.
But after updating, knights should be the worst faction in thieving.
Wiz now can win quite larger ration of ambushes, even better at some
lower levels.
Well if one gets used to it its not much of a difference, my winning percantage didn't change much. I upgraded my arts though, so thats of course part of it, but i had to lvl up b4 the 1st of Dez too so i wanted to make sure :-)

But fights like this one https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=485272573 would prolly been a quick loss on the old map.
Lets talk about how the new map benefits and or doesn't benefit us.

My feelings about the new map are ambivalent at best. The problem is that the difficulties of the different caravan types weren't adjusted to fit the new map. That means that while melee heavy caravans are doable, shooter heavy caravans are just plain impossible for me, and will remain so for at least several months (of constant losing against them). And fights where you can see the outcome from the very beginning with 100% confidence, simply suck.

Also post favorite wins you have ever had.

I'm enjoying each and every one (well, except players travelling with 1 unit), since they are so rare now...
But I have a favourite loss. Once I caught 2 thief hunters with full arts + enchants while ambushing in min AP. It was fun. Their gear cost about 4-5k gold (for the 2 players together) for a single battle, while my costs were under 200 :)
For demon all caravans are easy now..may they be shooter or melee!

Before(on the old map) demon had rarely or never a chance to gate his troops,DE caravans would just wipe all my cerbs and imps out the first turn,only thing that I had left were hell horses,missies and caves :S!

Now I can wait for the melees to come to me and until they come I will have 44% more army.Why?Cuz I can gate now :D!
Against shooters its harder,but still VERY winnable!

Here is a large necro shooter caravan I have won:
And a knight one:

The new map seriously opens the way for new tactics,not like the old one..WHO GOES FIRST USSUALY WINS--thats crap!
The new map seriously opens the way for new tactics,not like the old one..WHO GOES FIRST USSUALY WINS--thats crap!

i would say, it depend cases. for a knight, we never expect we can go 1st, we have to wait to see what we left after 1st move and adjust the tactic accordingly.

old map is smaller; knight still be able to get near to start attack caravan asap. new big map cost knight 2 turns for sm/guardian to get near. by the time guardian start attack, i wonder what other stacks we left; what if we get spell faction? it is a race btw time before the zap fall on the guardians.

yes, dont lecture knight that we got other good fast unit like griffin and cavalry. trust us, they wont last long. sm/guardian is the hope and the only hope.

part of NPC caravan, new map good for wiz player too. their garg can run even better to survive. no matter against NPC or player ambush.
as a wizard, my winning rate is around 5% only with full gears+enchanted
elves have a nice ranged advantage with more distance between them and the enemy, however certain caravans will wipe them out easily with stupidly large ranged stacks lightning damage and spell-casting ability...

Overall i felt my winning percentage grow hugely all things considered.

my 1st win against caravan as knight.
I got a question not precisely related to the topic,but would be nice if someone had an answer for that!

I heard that the gold when you win a caravan increses per each TG level..

So anybody has any idea how many gold you get at a specific TG lvl?
for xXxKratosxXx:
Gold stolen from players is victim's loss * TG level (TG0 = 1). Victim loses something between 50-100 gold. I believe it is the same for caravans except they don't display the caravan loss.
Its on the old style map but im very proud of this one at level 9 against demon caravan, done using 30% enchant

I just had a 27 win streak in thieving, all without max AP. In all honesty I think this new map is easier for knights than the small one- most melee creatures can't reach you in the first turn anymore, shooters have a chance to shoot, etc. The only foreseeable problem is with shooter caravans, though I got one necro caravan with 4 big stacks of skell bows, and I handled it fine.
for Krowe:
When I was a combat level 8 knight, I had a 47 win streak. This was with the old map.
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