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Selling of expensive enchanted gear

AuthorSelling of expensive enchanted gear
i have several weapons that are very expensive:

Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] 67/70
Longbow [E10A9W9F8] 50/50
Thief dagger [E10A9W9F8] 59/60

i would like to sell them, and they wouldn't be so expensive, but i would also like to avoid a market auction. there are some individuals i wouldn't like to get them for a possibly very low price - that's the reason why i want to avoid open auction on the market.

i would like to know the rules regarding these sales:

how low can the price go if i am not selling them through an auction (in percents, please)?

can they be given away for free?

is it possible to have a forum based auction, where some possible buyers would be discriminated (ignored)?
I'll give you ten cents for the feathers
Giving them away for free would mean financial assist, because it exceeds 30% of your wealth (gold and primary resources) by far.

I wonder why an "auction" at forum should not be possible.
thanks passo, and Nutella.

but, i would need some sage's or mod's help for this
Definately should not be for free. Shouldnt differ very much from current market price. You can just count elements and item`s shop price, that should do the trick. There is no solid percentage about discounts.

is it possible to have a forum based auction, where some possible buyers would be discriminated (ignored)?
You can have forum action in a proper section. And of course after that action you can sell it for the best offer. Best offer is the one you choose, not necessarily the highest. It is your choice who to sell these things.
10-20% below market price should be fine.

Definetly not below the cost of item itself + elements reqired _before_ EG update. Though my guess is you wouldn't go that cheap anyway :)
thank you Omega, and Shebali

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