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please help to solve this problem

Authorplease help to solve this problem
I am new in this game and have advanced to level 3. Now I want to know how can i manage to sell certain resources like crystals and ore.
Any help from the experienced wizards would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
If you have built a market place then you can sell them on the market.

If you need to buy arts then often they will cost gold plus 1 or more of these resources.

If you watch facilities (and they have gold) you can often sell directly to the facility.
Sell to market (after building market place)

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1) Sell through market, bu you need to build marktplace(after faction changed)
2) Sell to players directly, but make sure they pay you the golds.
3) Sell to facilities when they need the reources, but you need to wait until the failities have enough golds.
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