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Help with Army for MG Quests

AuthorHelp with Army for MG Quests
Which combination should i use for MG quests

should i use 24 sprites or 17 fk

I use sprites for hunting

but the opponents in MG Quests are very powerful

So which combination should i use

1. 0 sprites + 17 fk +14 elven +9 druids
2. 24 sprites + 0 fk +14 elven +9 druids
3. 0 sprites + 28 fk + 8 elven +9 druids
4. 0 sprites + 28 fk +14 elven +6 druids
or so on

what to choose for MG Quests( If possible one for hunting also)

i like to prefer 2 for hunting and confused with MG
It depends, there are many many many many different mercernary quests and hunts.
There is no universal troop recruitment that works for all quests and hunts.
Tell it for Invaders and cargo type
Invaders - take the same as hunts :)
Cargo - Sprites
Without battle fury, sprites are useless. So take option #4
for hunts i use sprites

for hiddenshadow

it needs some more points to use battle fury talent
for hiddenshadow:

is it better to use very low druids
is it better to use very low druids

i'm an elf n i have depended on druids many times n they have proved to be quite usefull many times.....
Your best option is to just watch other players of your levels battles.

For hunts go to Top Players and look at the record battles against the creatures you are facing.

For MQs find a successful players and look through their combat log for a battle v's same quest. It will show you what you will be facing and how they were setup to win.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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