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which faction is the best ???

Authorwhich faction is the best ???
which faction in lords w&m is the best????
i mean which faction have the best damage , hp , def, can any1 help my ???

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depend s what needs to be done like
knight:slow but good hp damage
necromancer:lots of weak units
barbarian:fast and strong
dark elf: a few very strong units
wizard:high hp units hero does most damage
demon: generally weak hp but good attackers can bring in more troops
so its barb then
Look for yourself:

Look for yourself:


But remember, some factions have greater numbers that make up for some inferior stats.
barb is quite strong but they have low hp and low defence in most cases
each has strengths and weaknesses. also your chosen faction needs to suit the way you work as a commander :)
All factions are equal in strength.

No need to ask or discuss.

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