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about barbs...

Authorabout barbs...
in my last combat why barbs didn't take 60 damage from poison like all the rest?

# Magic proof
It is known that Barbarians spend their lives in constant contact with natural elements. They respect nature a lot, and get bound to the surrounding, earning grace of their Gods, who grant them steadiness to magic spells. Thanks to the "Magic proof" ability, every stack of Barbarian troops led by a lord has a resistance rate to any hostile magic.
# Resistance rate: 5%+7%*[Barbarian skill level].

Barbs are resistant.
I see...

Barbs is the only faction that can resists magic...
Barbarians kept the foundations of their culture from ancient times to this day nearly unchanged. Might and swiftness are the basis of their nation. Perfect health and continuous perfection of their combat skills have always been the keystone to success. Besides, barbarians are the only faction able to resist magical spells. While possessing excellent attacking potential, they are liable to disorder and for that reason often lose when staying in defense. This faction fits mostly for implacable and aggressively disposed players.
Not good for wizards and me:(
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