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Smiths' guild

AuthorSmiths' guild
who can i start Smiths' guild ???
Anyone can start it if they are combat level 6 and built the blacksmith.
since you are already level 5 you need to go to your castle and then build the blacksmith. then you go to your invetory with items that have 0 durability then click repair
srry for double post i meant combat level 6
ok i know that but in character page the Smiths' guild is 0 who can i increase it??
do you mean how by who? if so you increase it by repairing artifacts
sorry for wrong spelling i mean how increase smith level??
so when i repair 30 art. i reach level 2 right??
please accept my apologize for my mistake
depending on the points it gives. more expensive arts give more points thant less expensive arts
it's clear for me now you are very helpful thanks
closed by Lady Straws (2009-12-15 08:35:46)
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