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Thief our friend intentionally

AuthorThief our friend intentionally
Is it allowed that we thief our friend intentionally but we play fairly,such as duel?

Yup I have asked people to trigger for me all the time. And sometimes i just repeatedly catch them because I am in a good spot for it. So yeah long as the fight is according to the rules its fine to have a friend trigger for you.
and the second question : how about if we do it several times?
I would suggest you to not to do it.

You with full arts and your friend with no arts but even by trying his very best tactics he couldn't defeat you I think it's a sort of cheating only
Hmm,but he lost nothing and get several experiences and skill points? how about full arts vs full arts? But if it's forbidden,I will not do it.
Well do not stage battles. If you ambush in full arts and he is triggering then he better be in full arts if you want to do it repeatedly. Or else you are breaking a rule.
traveling player just triggers the ambush. Thief can catch a caravan, his friend or other player (or even 2 players :P) Chances that those two (thief and his friend) will not meet in a combat are quite high.
Even if they do, as long as they play fairly, I see no reason why that should be against the rules. BTW, how can you tell that one player travels between 2 locations just to trigger the ambush for his friend?
BTW, how can you tell that one player travels between 2 locations just to trigger the ambush for his friend?

Because the ambush appears in the combat log, and half a dozen "ambushes" against the same player definitely look fishy.
Ok,so I can conclude that it is ok and will not get penalty or against any rules?
Once they have fought however, isn't it impossible for the person being ambushed, to be ambushed again for a certain amount of time. In which case they will kindly trigger lots of ambushes, without a chance of actually being ambushed by a player?
Define fairly? Cause if someone keeps bumping repeatedly onto the same thief who wears full arts, while wearing none himself, those fights would be 'deliberate loses' don't you think?
It is OK, but don't abuse it.

If it happens 2 or 3 times.. nobody cares. But if it happens 30 times.. well, you already know the consequences :)
What I mean is not about the initial thief attack, but if your friend fights you and loses when they trigger an ambush. For the next three hours they cannot be a victim of an ambush. Therefore there is no risk of setting up additional ambushes against your friend, but can help trigger ambushes. For that aspect of teh situation I see no problem, except for teh obvious need of th efirst thief fight. However, I find ambushes trigger real quick anyway so no real need of someone to try and trigger them for you.
hmm..ok then..Thanks to all for your answer :)
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