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problems in enrolling and selling resources


Authorproblems in enrolling and selling resources
Some facilities are apresenting problems, before I was trying to sell some wood in a facility, filled up the field for selling that was active but didn't work. Now Amulet of luck factory says it has 870 gold at disposal, open up the 6 digit code for enrolling but on actions says that there is not enough gold in facility, still apresents the field to isert the code for enrolling.
I saw admins made a change on factories allowing the shifts to start at X.05 and not only at X.10 as before, I think the error in the database reading of the program could be one consequences of the changes made to allow it
I'm trying to sell Wood and Ore to Steel Works at Great Capital (https://www.lordswm.com/object-info.php?id=3) but even if there's room in stock and gold available, the facility refuses to accept resource.
I could sell at the locatin kotrin posted above but found the same problem at this other
An other bug, GC sword of reprisal facility https://www.lordswm.com/object-info.php?id=33 has 3 free places for enrolling but in the map of GC do not appear the arrows to signalize it and probably is not working properly 'couse nobody has been enrolling there for a big while now (could be nobody goes there for not being signalized, I can't say because I am 'already amployed'
same problem as @5 at steel works facility, while nickel works shows the arrow indicating open enrolling
The strange thing is that those bugs disappear after somebody buys items or resources, as I did to experiment at steel works (GC) few minutes ago
This same in Amulet of luck factory ar East Bay

Balance : 2,877
Free posts : 12
Resources avaliable, too


Not enough gold in facility.
same with me.
I experienced same thing when trying to enroll. Enough gold. Code appears -> Not enough gold. Multiple times. No other players took my place or filled in the resource in the meantime.
Blacksmith of Reprisal: Enough gold, no working slot used, but I am enrolled.
to complement Nutella's observation, I think this could be interesting for adms and help solve the problem
you can see in the picture that even if there are 9 players enrolled in the favtory the counter still says 4 with 5 place to fill
Same problem at nickel works, here is a sequence of images (picture 2 to 7) where shows the going on of enrolling while both the counter and the balance stay still and resources cannot be sold, after a while from completion of enrolling places the situation normalizes and probably (looking at the difference in the factory balance) some 'lucky' player ;) succeeded to sell resources

All seems to be screwed... Defender Shield factory: Gold in balance, but couldn't sell steel or enroll (not enough gold), then I bought a shield, could enroll and sell ressources.
Please check, must be fixed now.
Interesting situation now: One hour passed, but I'm still enrolled.

From character page:
Currently employed at: Magic factory, Empire since 12:32

But it's 13:35 server time :/
same as Kotrin
Currently employed at: Crystal cavern, Empire since 12:46
i am still enrolled , how hard working i am
same here
The lab in YL and gem mine in BG has the same problems, work shift didn't end.
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