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How can I?

AuthorHow can I?
How can i cancel the mercenaries quest?

I mean the 'Army of x '

When i fight Army of x , I just use 1 attemp. But i Dont wanna fight army of x anymore on the second and third attemps... So how to cancel this quest?
just wait till the quest times out. that takes 10 hours though.
Now that you accepted an Army of X quest, then there are only 3 ways of ending it.

1.) Beat it.
2.) Wait till it times out which is 10 hours max.
3.) Lose it. Which is 3 attempts for the early Army of X quests.
For Timewaster...

Omg... it make me timewaster... Are there other ways?

I fight Army Of DE , Their Army is so tough... I think theres no way to beat them..
for X-hunter:
lol, that's why you get several attempts. every enemy you beat remains beaten for the remaining attempts.
I knew... But my second attemps make their army weak.. i think i could beat them on 3rd attemps...

Ok.. thread close... Maybe i should ask Admin to make some cancel quest button... :))
closed by Lord X-hunter (2009-12-16 09:46:45)
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