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anyone experiencing hunting issues?

Authoranyone experiencing hunting issues?
I posted also in combat issues but I repeat here:

This morning I asked for help for a hunt vs. faeries ... we lose :(

Since then (about 6h ago, now) I have not had any new hunt. I was able to do thieving, MQ and to help in a hunt, but I do not see monsters errands.

Also, in the combat log there is no mention of the lost hunt against the faeries.

I also cleaned the cache and restarted the PC with no effect.

Any idea?
The faeries must have cursed you to not have any more hunts untill the admins fix your problem when you post on the forums.
I suggest then that you lock this thread. The mods frown on the same thread posted in different loations. Especiaaly by the same author
Also writing posts like "pls help fast", "+", "anyone knows?" are considered flood and dont help the case at all. I would move it, but it already is in technical section, so you have done your part. Now just be patient.
closed by Omega22 (2009-12-17 15:47:10)
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