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Finance complaints back-log

AuthorFinance complaints back-log
As of now, there are 44 pages of "unprocessed" complaints ... and every day this figure is increasing ...

Now, I understand there have been and will be many many updates ... but I think we should first get a "clean" game before continuing on ... don't you think so as well?

I remember a sort of "rangers group" was created to help Arctic and admins with this ... what happened? Is it still active?

I do not intend to create any frustruation but I have to say that is pretty bad to see so many cheaters (some of them so blatantly breaking the rules) .. and so few actions against them ...
Yes, the group is still active.

As far as I know, they are still processing complaints and such.
Better let them enjoy a Christmas break so they are ready to get back and tackle the "back-log" of cheaters in 2010. ;)

But I guess I don't know too much to be honest :P
Yes ... I do not want to ruin their X-Mas too ... but if you look the last complaints closed you will see they have been closed in July ...
do you mean these guys?
they're working and we can all try to help.
Many of these cheats have been dealt with but as we have no ability to close logs they still show as open.

There are also numerous duplicate threads (It would help us a great deal if people would just include the name of the person they are reporting in the threads title!).

We have been working through these logs and all players of Military Clans for the past 9 weeks and while many have been dealt with there is still a lot to work through.

An average cheat can take anything between 30 minutes for the obvious ones up to 9+ hours for complex rings to investigate. We go through all the transfers in detail to ensure that a "real" punishment is given unlike in the past when people often just got a 5k warning while often having received 100k+ of illegal transfers.

We all firmly belive that everyone should be able to play on a clean server and will do all we can to make sure that cheats can not spoil the game for the honest players.
It would help us a great deal if people would just include the name of the person they are reporting in the threads title!

This should be made a local forum rule that all must follow when reporting cheaters....

The way reports are written right now I really admire your patience :-P
DeathisNear, thanks for info ... I really appreciate your work ... I only liked to be reassured about it ;)

I also agree with Jabbar ... there must be a standard format to report cheaters ... maybe even a sort of template to fill up:

name of cheater(s): <NAME(s)>
id#: <link to player>

[suspicious transfers]

[any additional info]

and there should be really only one form per player (or ring of players)
I think to avoid such problem - cheater always will be (is to block option to send something to the same IP)
Also there is a rule where you cannot legally transfer more than 30% of your assets to someone else - it could be also restricted in programming lvl (assets for such items like - elements, houses, TGI, theft arts are equal to "0" - all others items have a price. So total player asset is equal to all resources price + all art equal to Empire buy back price + gold ( form this amount you can transfer 30% to someone else)
I don't know about that, eee, it seems like that would potentially prevent perfectly legitimate transfers (like paying back a loan)
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