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Festival of Simulated Threat


AuthorFestival of Simulated Threat
Let's talk about it!

Pertamax :)
lol, that happened since a minute.. Very fast sinoga XD, hey, whats that about?
3rd Survival Tournament. Yay
can't wait for the third survival tournament
Yeah, another tourney is coming so it seems.
I think they're gonna make the tourney event be a regular event here.
Finally, ru server, we're catching up! Thank you admins!
3rd Survival OR ALSO DWARF WAR.. Because they said someth about humanoids and hunters guild..
Check tournaments page!
It starts tomorrow :)
7 attempts, only shop artifacts (again!)
I want to hug Arctic... where is he ?
Considering you always technically lose, will you be able to get trinkets from these battles? I assume not.
are we going to fight dwarf creatures? that would be nice...
for Lethos92:
Based on the announcement, No. You fight "Normal" stuff
Great news! tnx admins.
3rd Survival Tournament. Yay
agree, i dont think there will be any trinkets, but who knows...
It said "Her Majesty was already on Her way to the shore, as She saturated the idea in Her head with more and more details for future realization". Maybe there will be a special condition for this regarding the trinket issues, maybe not...One thing for sure, ppl who rent their arts will mostly get something from these battles ;)
maybe dumb question;
But do we get a survival tournament every 2 weeks? couldnt really find a clue in the news.
Would be awesome, would switching to barbarian at higher levels definitely making easier
for Sven91:
Given the announcement said "regular tournaments", we believe it's fortnightly like the ru one
Wow, we have more event than ru! A big thanks to admins.
And thanks for new factories that would be added on map.
What's good in that? This is the worst tournament from all, a lot of ex and a littel bit of fsp...on ru most already understand this and don't take part on such tournaments.

Sorry for my English.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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