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Server Stability...


AuthorServer Stability...
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I keep getting this message...Am I the only one? Or is the server unstable now?

Anyone else getting this message?
Im getting message :(
No, I think a lot of people are reading that message. Seems like the server has some problem mamageing the extraordinary number of players we have online today. I really hope they could fix the problem.
server is lagging so much :(
lagging here too. It's a busy day
wow, so it is lagging (i thought because i play while downloading something :p)
I think they are testing something now...
8 2009-12-27 16:24:48

I think they are testing something now...

Maybe they are making the new creatures for new years : D
Also the game is really slow i took me a minut to go to roulette.................................
its terribly slow.
Im not starting a battle, might get stuck
In Russian server there were such problems before new event.
getting lags
Now it seems to be ok for me. :D
ITS OKAY!!!yay lol rofl
It's ok for me now too :)
+1500 people online !!
for -bonechire-:
on .ru 15k online i cho?
Sometimes is ok, sometimes is veeeeeeeeeery slow.
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