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New Year Gift


AuthorNew Year Gift
Thanks and Happy New Year 2010
yeah this is awesome :)
i got a magic wand and i can't use it. why?
I love my magic wand )))
tx Happy New Year!!
Yeah, thx for the gift.

And Happy New Year!
Hmm Lasts until the third :) Good stats!
i got staff 2010/2010 1 power 2 knowlege
for anaka97:
Probably because it is an offhand weapon. You still need a weapon in your right hand.

Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you Admins!
wow, magic wand, useless for me besides defense

can i sell it?

anyone want it?
Very useful, but only for Wizards ...
at least it covers all my ap

11, thank you admins!!!!!!
Happy new year everyone... waiting for 2010 to come, the end is just a new beginning. Thank you admins, mods everyone who played this game may next year be as good =)

Best Wishes to everyone
for Chance12:
since every one has it... NO!

Works only in PvP!
Very useful, but only for Wizards ...
Switch to Barbarian and try to equip it :) I promise a unique experience ;)
This is probably the one time in the whole year Barbarians would wish some Knowledge points :))
i got a magic wand and i can't use it. why?

use it as a shield
And a New Year throne battle :)
This is cool. i'm gona keep it lol never gona use it
thnks for the info. try to have a combat. ur hero will have a santa hat:P
Wow Barb mages I wanna join all yr hunts plz ;D
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