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New Year Gift


AuthorNew Year Gift
omg a cool wand!
hey how this useful for barbs?

Unfortunately, the Wand's magic will disperse after January, 3d. It will lose all of its durability and properties.

what is the meaning for that?
Totally useless. As usual, the Barb's get screwed :(
Barbs can use the spells.
^^ If can use all durability before 3rd jan '10, maybe it will stay at your inventory and perhaps you can repair it too.
oh, its cool. i change fraction on wiz.
oh, its cool. i change fraction on wiz.
Yes! I agree with you ^^ :D
aw, better change to barbs!
Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you Admins!!! :D
This is funny .. the barbs got spell and mana ?? haha .. they cannot use it .. :)
they cannot use it .. :)

They can.
Useless for barbs again ... :) OMG .. :)
Love the gifts, (surprise) present to another player, tourneys, throne battles etc etc. There's so much going on these days my head is getting giddy... and I ain't complaining, thrilled even!

Thanks Arctic/admins. :)
THX, admins!!
This wand ruins my shield business :(
I love my magic wand!2010 durablity!!+20 mana!+1 spell power!!
lasts only to januar 3 )=
You good people at Lords of War and Money are the coolest! Thanks and Happy New Year! Fort
you're welcome. we're doing what we can... xDD
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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