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About the blindfold battles


AuthorAbout the blindfold battles
Halvspak, I've written one thing wrong in the beginning: About blindfold tournament. In reality it should be "About EFO battle".
In a blindfold battle there isn't the chat, and you cannot be insulted :D
About what you are saying, well, I can provide you 6 battles of the blindfold (it is out of topic, but I will answer you here) in which i teamed with a perfect unknown form the beginning 'till the end. Sometimes happen, sometimes no. And there were also times in which you recognize your opponent, and didn't make him suffer from the beginning (or did it more, if you don't like him, like me with a certain wizard).

BUT this topic is not about blindfold battle, so GO ON, please. Talking about EFO battle here, to explain the mechanics, because I saw people from level 11(which should be an high level, belonging to quite expert players) swearing at others simply becasue they were losing badly. I'm trying to make the community aware about the mechanic of the EFO battles, which are a mysterious object for some players, as I can see..

DerMagus: I agree with you. Sometimes I stand all the fight with one mate, simply becasue i saw him backstabbed by his precedent ally. Usually we finish second and first. But the most important thing is that it's not important to win at all costs, it's more important to not finish last. Using the brain, simply.

Dan-Panic: Don't know if this is the universal panacea. Maybe this could lead to an even more frequence of staged battles.
Regarding EFO:

I think it is normal that if I enter a fight with a clan mate, I will not attack him/her until the end ... c'mon guys, it is natural ... I will help or at least not hurt my friend. Then, I would say it is up to the other players to gang against the two (and 4 vs 2 should be no story) ... EFO, how it is structured today, it is a matter of (hidden) alliances ... Honestly, I hate more those that initially helps you and then backstab you ...

Regarding BT:

many clans did something that it is not considered illegal (against the rules) but that was nevertheless against the "spirit" of the term "blind": Teaming up from the beginning with clan mates using MSN, SkyPe, etc. etc.
I do not want to re-open the discussion here ... I know I will think thrice before entering another BT if rules will not change ...
I suggested already ath that time that in a BT you have a sort of pre-determined enemy on the battlefield: let's say, upper left corner against lower right corner, central down vs. central up, etc. This way, you can only attack at first your pre-determined enemy, and only if you defeat him/her then you can move on to any other one ... if you don't attack after xx turns, then your troops will go wayward and attack on their own will.
This was the only idea I had to avoid the MSN teaming-up.
Dan-Panic: Incidentally what you would fix by that is me (and I suppose quite some others) ever going into that kind of battle. Getting nothing for a LONG time playing on average 5 out of 6 times(*)... is not really attractive. Especially not since those battles take quite long. I simply don't like investing much time and then standing there with nothing. You might have fixed the not-going-for-first problem but you create a much more severe one; in effect I think you kill this playing mode with your "fix".

*Let's asume equally skilled players who all have a chance here
@Korzika: it's something like rat, that word. So it's something like the words you were blatering before.

you'll get to call me rat when i start playing as one. in the meantime find some other expression that would make you feel better about what you are.

Honestly, I hate more those that initially helps you and then backstab you

i do not. it's that kind of battle. backstabbing is a part of it - even if it's your best friend. it's only a game after all. i hope (actually, i am almost certain) that you - Steel Dragons, won't pull that dirty tactics in blindfolds.

for Dan-Panic:
sorry, but i don't like your idea too much. a part of the blindfold or FFA battle is to use someone's will to end up 2nd in order for you to win. it takes some skill to divide and conquer. if everyone keeps on attacking the strongest, the winner will be decided by pure chance. however, even that is far better than EW, DA or EFL filthy scheme.

for thread starter:
entering a 3 vs 3 challenge in some insane enchanted gear, when 5 players already joined - none of them is enchanted, is also legal, but it will irritate those that would waste time so that you could earn few dirty xp points. although i have no idea if Mr Nice played dirty or not (i don't judge by 1 battle only, to your surprise), i do understand those angry people. he teamed up with his clan mate (knowingly or not) and his clan's reputation did the rest. people don't like it. capito? so, what is it that you don't understand? why do people whine and insult? probably because they waste time in what they feel is "dirty cheating" battle.

Go ahead and close this thread Luckas

the only line written by Visao that actually makes sense. if you, "elite warriors", took the path that you did take, at least don't be loud about it. you should be ashamed of it, not proud. just be quiet, and wait for the next blindfold tourney to ruin.
Ok, it's enough. I tried many times to keep the topic in the right way, but you can't debate, you can only spit mud everywhere. Capito?
I see that it is impossible to talk with a wall like you, who only wants to spread hate between EW and the others. You're not a new Messia, you are only a little person. Maybe you will understand that attacking everyone blindly is one of the most stupid and little things you can do in your life.
But if you are happy acting in this way... enjoy your littleness.

I would like to apology with everyone, but this topic will probably become too much flaming. I didn't want it, I wwanted to talk about a problem related to all the community, happened to quite everyone, EW or not.
But you can't talk with people like him.


closed by Lord Luckas (2010-01-08 02:51:26)
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