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big problem with the workaholic penalty


Authorbig problem with the workaholic penalty
Hmm, we replied at the same time. What do you have to say now?
To my second post that is.
i have been in HUGE plusses and i have also been in HUGE minuses. all it takes is one lucky bet and everything flips over. u don't know how much times i have won on my last money. i bet i loose, i loose, and then i bet my last money, and boom! 200k gold.

What do you have to say now?

Everyone please stop going off topic.
Dude, you're sick. Your 4k roulette deficit is now over 20K! At least you stopped arguing about that ) Now we shall watch you and see whether you are a winner or as everyone suspects, lining yourself up for failure.

500k in gold loans? Are you for real? What kind of idiots would loan you that kind of money? With no proof you can say anything though )

The fact that you bankrupted 3 chars means that you are better at going for broke than anything else. Let's see how quickly gambling more will pay your debts. Please show us )

And ghost this is _your_ problem NOT a game problem....u will see how i did it... yes we're watching you throw away another char, just like the last 3.

Shame about your attitude too....
500k in gold loans? Are you for real? What kind of idiots would loan you that kind of money?

400k in TGI and over 100k in loans for arts.
500k in gold loans? Are you for real? What kind of idiots would loan you that kind of money?

ask MasterTI about Pentagon. let's see what he says ^^ if u don't believe it from me u'll believe it from him.
That's pretty much what I said. Thanks for the back up.

It's like you've never had a good math teacher before that made you calculate percentages in casino games. The odds are always against you. That's obviously how casino's make money off believers like you. If everyone was making money (besides the card counters who get kicked out) than casinos would be bankrupt and there wouldn't be any casinos.. The more you play the closer you will be to that ratio. I suspect you didn't pay attention in math class much. I couldn't believe you said that you could use a GH art for 100 times when it was only about half as much. Roulette is not the solution to your problem.
You know what, we are all just wasting are time trying to help you. There's no point of arguing any further. He's too stubborn. Our words mean nothing to him. He has sold his soul to the roulette god (if such thing exists).
i have no arts, so i can't battle and i have a *0.1 penalty so i can't work. i get 40 gold an hour if i enroll. i can't ask anyone for a loan for min ap cause nobody is responding and i cannot do anything. maybe the admins didn't see this problem can occur when they were putting in this new rule or maybe there is a way out of it. but i don't know what to do. either this is a big problem or i just don't know how to get out of this. if anyone knows, please help.

This was what you opened this thread with. People have been providing advice on how to avoid the situation you were in. Almost universally, everyone has suggested (apart from anything else) that if you are in debt you shuldn't be playing roulette.

Just because you do not want to acknowledge your problem doesn't mean that others are off-topic. It's just not the part of the topic you want to focus on.

Stop playing roulette. Enroll regularly. Conserve your durability by only battling when you need to rid yourself of the workaholic penalty. Pay off your debts when you can.

If you had an inifinte amount of time you might be able to pull yourself out of the hole you have placed yourself in by playing roulette (*might*, definitely *not* guaranteed). But you only have one month to pay off your loans. Don't waste any of that time playing any more roulette, or you may come to regret it. Certainly those who have loaned you money may regret it.

This topic should be closed already. I think most of us think there's nothing wrong with the workaholic penalty and you've got the loan you wanted.
for Ghost_Face:
I find it really funny how this all went from you saying roulette isnt the problem. Even saying you were using gold for castle upgrades and not roulette when it is clear that was one of many lies.

Now you say for everyone to not worry because you have had much larger losses and loans. You lose and lose and then boom you win. How sad, pathetic really.

I feel bad for those wasting gold giving it to you. If you want to get upset at everyone for pointing out what is obvious thats fine. Just because you deny what we are saying doesnt make you right.

The way you are playing why bother getting loans to purchase arts for battles. Just take your 40 gold every hour for enrolling and put it on a number. Then you can lose and lose and boom have enough gold to purchase an art. It shouldnt take to long before you have enough to battle again.

But I suspect this will be your fourth character to get abandoned due to evil roulette. That is unless you get banned for not paying back your loans within 30 days.

I want to say good luck hope you can win and pay everything back, but that would just encourage you. Then in another week, month or near future we see this thread again and you needing more loans.
lol the clan League Of Shadows seems to have problems with me. everyone from that clan hates me. if u don't have anything nice to say, don't talk
That's thinking too far. Now you are making up excuses for the reason they are telling you the hard truth. It's not just LOS it's anyone that sees this topic and reads it through. Don't make everyone else look like the bad guys here. You just don't know how to take criticism that everyone is giving you. If you are going to start blaming clans for this then this is getting out of hand. Mods please close this thread before it does.
lol the clan League Of Shadows seems to have problems with me. everyone from that clan hates me. if u don't have anything nice to say, don't talk

That was great for a chuckle. I have no problem with you, just with your attitude and the tone of your messages this entire post, as it seems most others posting here do. How many times have you flat out lied? Oh and as far as LoS having an issue with you get real, im the 5th LoS member to waste my time posting here.

Many people have given you real advice and multiple ways to play and get around the workaholic rule. The workaholic rule can be a drag at times, but this has never been a game you could just battle and battle and battle. Even before the AP rule you still had to recoup before your next battle. Many people used to just enroll and enroll and enroll, now with workaholic rule you have to win a battle once every 10 enrolls.

Many people have raised legitimate concerns about this game and gotten the undeserved response of, stop complaining if you dont like it then dont play. Has anyone said this to you yet? I think most have tried to give you real help and not just a loan that wont fix the problem. Perhaps the best advice for you is....... Nobody is forcing you to play, if you dont like it dont play. If you need a loan ask a friend, stop trying to fool people by saying you need a loan for arts when you just spend it on roulette.
5th LoS member to waste my time posting here.

ur saying it like ur proud. don't post if u don't want to waste time ^^. i don't care.
Well thats just what I come to the forums for, to waste time between battles or card games or traveling between zones or whatever. It just so happens that giving you real advice is also a waste of time. You seem to think that there is nothing wrong with taking loans under the premise of castle upgrades, or buying arts when you really use it on roulette.

This is a game I enjoy and have fun with. Hope you can do the same. But im not sure those that loaned you gold will think its fun if you cant pay them back.
if you cant pay them back.

that's not something u should worry about
[Post deleted by moderator Pang // off topic]
lol the clan League Of Shadows seems to have problems with me. everyone from that clan hates me.

lmao, get your Guardian of Russian mate to help you if you dont feel like to. anyway, i wonder who the hell from your clan will defend your childish behave and attitude.

people try to guide you and correct you from mistake, but you just take those as offense. OR you prefer step on it even it is a trap in front of you? in this case, i feel pity on those give a loan to you and guided you before.

if u don't have anything nice to say, don't talk

lovely... it just show that you cant accept other advice or options from other.
for Pang:
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