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big problem with the workaholic penalty


Authorbig problem with the workaholic penalty
Shouldn't have been a problem if one is On 24x7 with Laborers' guild: 6 (4119) +881 :p

Not 24 but well..18/7 (you can sleep after you enrolled and work for one more hour :-)) Despite the fact that you can still earn some gold by selling elements, various arts, playing cards, supplying factories, etc..

Very good thread on earning gold:

Also to correct the info, it was only 250 000, repayed in 10 days. But thats another case, because I had the gold saved already but it was bound in various elements, thief arts, etc. So I just needed the cash until I regain some strenght and sell things I dont need.
I am not saying you should be a gold nutcake like me, but sometimes try to count a little. Use the calculator.

One one hand you dont have any gold to spend, on the other hand you buy artifacts from market. Those 4 arts cost you 172 gold more than on map. I know it is not much, but one coin to another makes milion. There are plenty of things to improve.

100% of the players with cleaned accounts(no arts, no gold, no resources, no elements, totally clean) are either multis sending all to their "siblings" or rouletters spinning the last coin after selling arts. I dont know any other "cleaned" account that doesnt fit to either of these categories.
10/7 is enough >D Just like me.

Don't you have some GH arts left? Or did your dog rip apart you closet and ate them? Don't touch roulette, and buying artifacts from the market when you donj't have gold is not the same option. You say you earn 40 gold per hour, and you buy a shield for 43 extra?!
oops not again :( PLease give me a loooong ban now^^
01-31-10 04:48: Ghost_Face[8] vs Rogues (74)
01-31-10 04:20: Ghost_Face[8] vs Vanguard of necromancers {3}
01-31-10 04:11: didier3[8], Ghost_Face[8] vs Spawns (716)
01-31-10 03:28: Ghost_Face[8] vs Gremlins (268)
01-31-10 03:20: Ghost_Face[8] vs Forest keepers-monster {1}
01-31-10 02:47: Ghost_Face[8] vs Vampires-monster {0}
01-31-10 02:40: Ghost_Face[8] vs Goblins (203)
01-31-10 02:23: Ghost_Face[8] vs Fringe[8]
01-31-10 01:44: Ghost_Face[8] vs Ghosts-raid {0}
01-31-10 01:34: Rene27[8], Ghost_Face[8] vs Frenzied griffins (119)
01-31-10 01:08: Ghost_Face[8] vs Rogues (57)

Seems as if ure not using ure arts wisely
Ghost...your rudeness is astonishing. You must realize your error sooner or later ) towards NDU your rudeness is unsurprising I mean you only had to get out your violin for 3 sec and BAM 10k loan) what a doormat (sorry ndu ;)

If only winning golds was that easy for you on roulette ) or maybe you think it is (ouch if so you're due to 4ai1).
And stop lying to us "Castle Upgrades"? Are you building the Taj Mahal? or a standard lv 8 castle?

I've got it! On your shortcuts you have a roulette wheel link titled "Castle Upgrades" ))

Also bravo on the congrats to the only player who talked down to you as if a pre-schooler. I mean it's patronising to teach you the game yet it serves your ego). (how?)

Unlike being told what you don't want to hear about your habitual gambling. Servicing a roulette habit/addiction is costing you friends...
Thx 4 omega22 and darwenaward for supporting me.
I give him loan coz i'm trying to teach him to be a more responsible man (not only a good player). But it seems doesn't work well..at least now he is free from work penalty (for a while). That's all i think i can help..
And 'bout the 15k, well, i loan those because i found some good player in this game who is kind enough to teach me a lot when i'm still new in this game. Those player were inspiring me to be a nice player as well.

Let's keep the sportsmanship in this game^^
for Ndu:
I applaud your kindness. I know I would never be as generous.
I would at most just dispense suggestions.

I give him loan coz i'm trying to teach him to be a more responsible man (not only a good player).
I do not think anyone who get themselves into such a situation as a good player.

In my opinion, criterion to be a good player:
- able to combat well (both alone and with team mates)
- able to balance the other aspects of this game (eg. economical)
- able to relate well to others within the LWM community (eg. humility, mutual respect.)
I thought begging on the forum wasnt allowed?
Normally those topics get locked + ban for the starter in less than an hour...
this shud be in the problems section
for Sven91:
Hes not begging hes hinting ;)
for Ghost_Face:
i have no arts,??


no art you said..
Ndu, giving a loan to someone who already has more than 80k of unreturned loans is just stupid, i don't think there's much chance that you'll ever get any of your gold back:)

it seems like the only option for you is to abandon your character, the way your playing right now you'll never be able to return your debts..
I love how his lack of knowing how to budget is a fault of the game. At level 8 you can nearly always win a combat easily. A merc mission or many hunts should be easy with min arts.
You could travel a lot between GC and YL, to get ambushed.

Thief guild is dead after the new upgrades.
for warrior49:
as u can see i don't have a weapon for my right hand so no matter how much ap i have, i cannot battle without a weapon in my right hand.
for Ndu:
what are u worried about? i told u i will return it
How are you going to return it? You just got yet another lone of 10k. These loans are really stacking up and will soon become near impossible to return them with in a month and a weak for Ndu. You gave him more than a reason to worry.
I see now you've been spending all your loans on roulette and now you have a 20k loss. Who does that? Why would a person in extreme debt borrow even more money creating himself a bigger debt then losing it all in roulette. You already lost your new 10k loan and it's only been an hour. Save up! And you tell him not to worry. Yes, I see it too. You are going to end up abandoning this character too. Don't blame the game. Learn to adapt to it. The world doesn't end with you nor does the world revolve around you. Stop looking back on how it use to be. You can either learn from your mistakes and become a better and smarter player or you can run away an make the same mistake again. Think of it like evolution. Those species that could adapt to changes survived for a long time. Those who couldn't adapt became extinct.

"The only way to move forward is by not looking back and the only way to look back is to move forward." - Me
for cows98:
don't u worry about me. when i return them, u will see how i did it. i have had over 500,000 gold loans before and i have gotten through that. u don't know me so don't say that i am not able to do something.
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