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need loan for 1 month ( 10 000 )

Authorneed loan for 1 month ( 10 000 )
i need a loan of 10 000 gold , ill return within a month , i ned to buy ap and labour , anyone up for it? please

I doubt anyone will lend anything to you, cheating is not a good sign..

also Labours guild is not to be bought, but to be earned
yea , i mean , i didnt knew transfering is a cheating , but nwo im aware of , so i wont do it , i wont cheat for sure , i jsut wanna get some 10k gold , so i can fight some hunts , and crackoff the warholic penalty.
i ned to buy ap and labour

why dont u work to earn?
go for roulette if u dont feel like working
roulette is the one that ruined me , i cant work i just get 40 gold or a bit more if i work , i haev teh workhalic penalty!
02-01-10 08:54: Transferred 1 Gold to qassh1 : are u gnna gmme my loan or not?? :((

i doubt if you will be able to return the loan
it's 10,000 gold you are asking here
You don't need 10k gold to get rid of the work penalty.

You can join this discussion:

There are much advice and methods to handle your gold problem.
You no need to loan 10,000.

500 is already enough.

Get 500 and rent some arts from a renter to stop workaholic.
k , well i dont need to repay any loan , that qassh is a fool , she said she will loan me , i mailed her ten times to gimme loan and she went offline , and then today i also sent her 10 mails then she is ignoring me and when i stalk her combat , she says she will pass me soem loan , weirdo.
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3.1. It is forbidden to beg or to extort money from players (game finance, real finance).
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