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lvls-9 to 10

Authorlvls-9 to 10
which is the most powerful faction in this lvls, DE or elf??

plz dont say.... all are balanced
plz dont say.... all are balanced
Then my opinion is DE, but I'm biased (see my faction levels). And I also think DE is much better at level 12.
u think in hunts or pvp or in thief ?
Since Darkclaw didn't specify, my answer is for my battles, which are mostly thief, some hunts, and very little pvp.
isnt elf best with phantom?
For hunts elves are very good with phantom. But I don't hunt that much plus shrews are very good at running circles around slow stacks such as farmers and golems.
Phantom in PvP is useless
1 damage to it and the entire stack perishes. Normal hit is 50% hit 50% miss.
But magic attack is 100% hit. So the opponent casts a simple magic attack and boof, you just wasted 18 mana.
For hunts, phantom is good.
no more opinions?
what do you want do ?
and what is your skill in different faction ?

it s that the principal question !

if you want do hunt elf or DE are good
if you want pvp that depand with who you fight and versus who ...

if you want fun play barb or demon
Honestly, elf is always a little weaker than other factions in PvP past level 5-6 IMO, so go with DE.

However, in duels, elf will still beat DE as the DE lacks a good shooter. But in general group battles, EFO battles, DE is better IMO.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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