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Kinda Wierd and Sad ;(

AuthorKinda Wierd and Sad ;(
This game is very weird ( no offense intented ) i mean i love to play roulette , but i lost all money and quit , ten i take loan earn like 50k from roulette tehn lost all jsut for the loss of 1k , then i repeat thisa again and else... , and i cant resist from roulette i start new accounts trying to get higher lg and hg , but roueltte ruins me , i mean if i get from 1000 to 6000 gold , then my greed increases , it will go on and on , and if i lose even 100 , i getsad and play agan and lose ..so theres no end and i haev to lose only , is there any script or else that deletes roulettes completly or any other gud game? i can never go beyong lev 5 , i have 5 accounts on lev 5!
If you can't control your greed, don't play roulette.
Google for something like "online flash roulette"
Than each time you want to play roulette, you go there.
You can put it in your pers links
Then if you lose, its not game money :P
Great idea from Sven. Dude, seriously man. Roulette is the demon of the game. Self-control is always vital. If you're succumbing to it, get another online roulette game. Greed brings down even the strongest man :)
so can anyone advice me what to do now?? ,
Give 5k gold to Sven each time you loose to google's roulette to thank him for his great idea?

You should learn to deal with this by yourself; IRL, some people have money problems due to gambling games...
Ive heard there was a script to remove the roulette link from the menu, but I dont have that script (I can control myself) and I dont really where to get it, sorry I can't help more. Google Lordswm + roulette script
btw , i got a character on lev 3 , which has 0 gold but gud guilds , show i keep playing it and chance my faction? - Larreon
this one , but i dont see how my friends get so much of higher labour guild ?? , i mean hunter guild is ok , but ... lg , how? im now gonna start my 18934th account lol , i dont use any , and will get my hunters guild to 60 and till what no should i get my albourg uild before reaching lev 3?
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realy sucking stats and don't post with alts ^^
sucking stats? have u seen its an lev 2character , i have done nothing but hunts , although lg is low .
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