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i wonder...

Authori wonder...
is great hunter bow dropt ? i've never seen one in the market.
there was a topic of this already.from what i read from that at r.u it drops at a certain high lvl of hunters guild.here i dont know
it's 7 :}
whats the market price for a GH bow on .ru?
whats the market price for a GH bow on .ru?

i just checked. 12,900 is the cheapest one
for Elven_Lord:
The chapest of all - look post 5, the cheapest with dur. 10/10 costs about 20k.
hunter lv 7, it'll be forever for me to get there >.<
12,900 is the cheapest one
this is a price for a bow with 2/8 durability ;} a new gh bow costs around 20-22k
sorry, haven't noticed black_lotos already gave that info :P it's a good price imo, for it's +2 shooting range
for Georgia:
for black_lotos:
es you guys re right. so stupid of me i forgot to check the durability ^^ sorry
i'm form .ru server. this bow drop very rarly, so it rather expensive
and the cheapest GH bow - 20k+ in ru server
Ask Kusika, he's the only person in .com to reach HG 7.
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