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Two towers

AuthorTwo towers
i have noticed that if you have 0 gold, you cannot bet on a 2 tower game. but, you u first make a 2 tower challenge with let's say 40 gold bet, and THEN, bet all ur gold on the roulette, you can still play the 2 tower game with the bet but have 0 gold. my question is, if u loose the gold that u bet in the roulette, and the gold u bet on the 2 towers game, will u have -40 gold or what? and if yes, then why can't u make a bet when u oroginally have 0 gold?

thanks ^^
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why can't u make a bet when u oroginally have 0 gold
This is a loophole. Since you don't lose your bet in 2 tower challenge until you actually lose, then that gold is still available for you to use/lose else where.

will u have -40 gold or what?
I'm not sure if this happens since I have never been in this situation, but I believe it does because you can have negative gold as a result of being ambushed or fined.
will u have -40 gold or what?

Confirmed! you will get -40 gold.

QATC and thanks Pantheon ^^
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