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can not up level

Authorcan not up level
why i cannot up level after during tournament? Just now i saw my xp just need 800+ to up level. After during tournament i gain 2000+ xp bt still cannot raise.

6) The system will not let a participant get transferred to the next combat level after reaching the necessary amount of experience. This feature allows the player to finish the tournament of his or her current combat level. The experience will still accumulate. However, if the player takes part in any combat aside the arena, that combat will level the lord up regardless of the combat results.
try hunting or anything except tournament and you will lvl up after that battle
ur exp. is Combat level: 5 (91237) +-1237

so if u want to lvl up then go for a hunt and if u wanna play he tournament at lvl 5 only then play only tournament!
if u will hunt then u will lvl up=)

at lvl 6..u can again play the survival tournament=)

he leveled up!

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