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Help to defeat the ore shortage!

AuthorHelp to defeat the ore shortage!
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If we can get 240 people with high labourers guild to enroll there every hour, then we'll be able to produce over 700 ore each hour, not only will this mean the people sniping it will have more clicks to make before it runs out (giving more players chance to get some), but it will also hugely increase supply, which will cause the price of ore to drop, until it's not worth buying to profiteer anymore, so I strongly encourage anyone with labourers guild 6 (3.5 productivity, so 3.5 ore each enroll they make there) to enroll there hourly, and I will also be enrolling there from now on until the ore shortage is fixed
Other resources are not looking better either.
the problem is, that most of low lvl players are in this location, and many of them are enrolling there, just look at workers....we can try, im trying to do only enrolls at ore, gem or cristal but it seems that this problem of resources is big and its not like several days like many thought

but still good action, lets try to help the ingame economy
in low lvl i was thinking low laborer lvl
Other resources are not looking better either.

but we have to concentrate on one resource at a time, otherwise there won't be enough people enrolling to beat demand
I don't get it. Why is this happenning? Is it because of too frequent tourment and people consume more arts than before?
It is happening because a small number of players are buying up all the production so they can resell to everyone else and make a profit.
this problem of resources is big and its not like several days like many thought
It's called the trickle effect.

First factories run out of gold, then Second Machineries need to run out, then Mines. Resources will not be in stock until factories and machineries stop demanding both resources and workers.

A week later most of the low demand factories have run out of gold. This is why machining goods are starting to go back up and there's less of a shortage on resources. Once the machining facilities had their fill of resources and stop working at full capacity, then mines would stock up on resources. And then after that mines would run out of gold just like before.
... and then show up odmen saying "Heloooo! reset time :}"
cho?semki est?
for GArGuTZ:
Stop flooding ;)

Well... Seems like odmen's are giving some time for those enterprising people) Still, I'm very upset not to being able to get my leather armor for a factory price, but this 'crisis' will last untill 'rich' people making money on thus shortage run out of gold. Everyone's enrolling at the same facility will help this matter to come faster than they wish, but not more.
But i still enroll at basic mining facilities, just to put my penny in money-box)
yeah the economy crisis here brings a lot of problem to us..and the amulet of luck factory 0 gold now!and im the 1st person enroll it and the last person too hahahaa
Maybe admins wish to establish self-sufficient economy. in the ends, it will come to just market economy, but it will take some time and effort...
I'm already working at the ore pit. :-) LG 5
yeah im travelling to the location awferwards

but the sawmill in blooming glade is uh...blooming.

i also told my friends to do so. they don't have an accounts here though. this might be a problem...
jst enrolling thr is not enough...u hav to buy them also and giv them to machining sites too
Admins should drain all gold from machining.
I can help if you want me too,I have lvl 3 Labourers' Guild.(2 per hour)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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