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conutdown 48 days !!!!!!!!!


Authorconutdown 48 days !!!!!!!!!
I would love to do a minor tournament
Or maybe, if we are lucky enough they will introduce a throne battle :)
Only 1 day left!
What will happen on the 1 of may?
What will happen on the 1 of may?

There are many chances that we won't lose any durability for out arts ( so we can use full arts ) and hunts will come faster than usual.
I'm not sure about other things.
2 and a half hours left!!! :D
one day and 2 and a half hours left!!! :D

last year - if i remember right - the event started at noon, at abot 12.00 server time.
The end of today :)
Yeah, but last year it wasnt 00:00 - 23:59, but 10:00 to 10:00 next day :)
23 hours to go
oh my days

what's going to happen
i AM waiting for the surprise
little bit to go :)
tomorrow will be our big day!
prepare yourselves! ^^
tomorrow will be our big day!
prepare yourselves! ^^

I hope!
If theres nothing on tomorrow, i give up on all lordswm lol
Pff. Tomorrow I'm ready to bet on an automated event (exactly like we had for Valentine's Day).

This event will be:
- Hunt and Ambushes 40% more often
- 50% more XP and double FSP for 24 hours
- No durability loss for artifacts

And that'll be it. Not bad, but I fear those expecting any ad-hoc .com development might be disappointed...
Well exp and no loss of durability is gona be the best
for Kotrin:
they should do something for the GG some time dont u think but yeah it will be fun for hunters and all
Actaully, imho an automated even is just as bad as no event at all. It means admins don't care about this server's anniversary enough to even introduce something new....even copy some of the stuff they have on .ru
I've thought about it on first of April, when we had the fun event of odd units.

This would never had happened here if flash files for animation weren't shared among .ru and .com...
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